You take care of the creative part – we take care of the administrative part.

When we manage your music publishing rights catalogue, we: Look after your authors and conclude contracts. We also register your GEMA rights and process all GEMA matters.

We document both your rights and your income in a clearly laid out rights database and thus enable you to make detailed evaluations of the use of rights and royalty flow.  Close-up controlling and claiming outstanding royalties are equally important to us.

Administration of your Music Rights / Subpublishing

Rights Protection
We check whether all your music rights have been recorded at GEMA correctly. Furthermore, we carry out the GEMA-registration for newly created works and for sub-published catalogues.

Your music publishing rights and master rights will be recorded in a comprehensive, web-based data base, including work title, work number, artist, time, genre, right owners and their shares etc. You have permanent access to your data and may export it anytime.

Can you be sure that your GEMA-statements are correct and that you have received all royalties due to you? If not, let us monitor your GEMA-statements and verify the royalties paid to you. We also check the statements you receive from your subpublishing partners and licencees.

Worldwide Network
Make use of our worldwide network of reliable and experienced subpublishing partners. We co-operate exclusively with small and medium-size companies who know their local market and actively look to exploit the catalogues they have been entrusted with.

Clearance of Music Rights

Whether you want to use music for a commercial, a film- or TV-production, a website or a computer game: you will always need the permission of the right owners. Often, this is a time-consuming and tedious procedure involving several different parties. Let us conduct negotiations with the right owners on your behalf. Of course, we will keep you informed on all developments and the final decision will be yours.

Assistance with GEMA-related topics

Is your GEMA-statement a complete mystery to you?

We will explain to you the terms and abbreviations used on your GEMA-statement and the significance of the many figures and percentages. Understanding your GEMA-statement will then enable you to check whether all royalties due to you have been paid and – if not – to claim any outstanding monies.

Agreements of the Music Industry

We assist you in drawing up

  • Writer Agreements
  • Co-Publishing-Agreements
  • Sub-Publishing Agreements
  • License Agreements for Film Music
  • Permissions to Reprint
  • Other Agreements relating to the Music Industry
Royalty Reports for Publishers

We generate

  • Statements for your composers, authors, publishing partners and other right owners out of GEMA-income
  • Statements for your composers, authors, publishing partners and other right holders out of royalties received from subpublishing partners

All statements are clearly structured and comprehensively designed. You will receive your statements reliably on the date agreed, ready for dispatch, in paper format, as a pdf or as an excel-sheet. Please ask for a quotation free of cost and without commitment.