Edition Roland has been active as an independent music publisher and music production company in Munich since the early 1960s. The catalogues of our labels Musicland Records and Edelweiss Records cover many different genres: from brass and marching music, Wies'n hits, authentic folk music and yodelling to instrumental recordings of world hits and quirky retro synthesizer sound. In our extensive classical music catalogue you will find orchestral and chamber music recordings from all eras. We will be happy to make customised suggestions for your project.


Margit Anderson & Roland Steinel
Wenn zwei Herzen für einander schlagen

C: Bauer, Rudi
A: Hauff, Andreas
E: © Edition Roland / Edition Lieder der Heimat, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Uschi Bauer
Heut kommt mein Herz zu Dir

C/A: Jung, Robert / White, Jack / Monn, Anton
E: © Arabella Musikverlag, Ⓟ Edition Roland


Curd Jürgens
La Paloma

C: Yradier, Sebastian
A: Ruhla, Bernd / Steinel, Roland
AR: Rödelberger, Wolfgang
E: © Edition Roland, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Hedy Henning
Auf Wiederseh’n, Herr Kapitän

C: Geiger, Walter
A: Ritter, Claus
E: © Edition Roland, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Tölzer Boys Choir

Tölzer Knabenchor
Bona Nox, bist a rechter Ox

C: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Tölzer Knabenchor
Muss i denn, muss i denn

C: Volksweise
A: Caloue, Heinz
AR: Rosenberger, Raimund
E: © Edition Roland / Münchener Chorverlag, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Vive la France

Akkordeon Ensemble Georg Schwenk
A la bonne auberge

C: Kamen, Andi
E: © Edition Roland / Egal Musikverlag, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Akkordeon Ensemble Georg Schwenk
Petit Julian

AR: Georg Schwenk / Georges Delagaye
E: © Edition Roland / Egal Musikverlag, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Magic Trumpets

André Carol
Aloha oe

C: Volksweise
AR: Geiger, Walter
E: © Intermelodie Edition, Ⓟ Edition Roland

John Quadflieg
Patrona Bavariae

C: Behrle, Günther
E: © Lieder der Heimat Edition, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Mood Music

Thomas Strasser

C: Strasser, Thomas
E: © Edition Roland, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Hank Hobsen & Steven Bolarinwa
Lazy Afternoon

C: Königseder, Christian / Bolarinwa, Steven
E: © Edition Roland, Ⓟ Edition Roland


Quirin Amper
African Queen

C: Amper, Quirin / Loreen, Peter / Hellmann, Willi
E: © Edition Roland / E.R.I.Musik, Ⓟ Edition Roland

Nino Ricci
Oriental Magic

C: Rossbach, Richard
E: © Edition Roland, Ⓟ Edition Roland